Miami Lakes Always By Your Side Adult Day Care

Always By Your Side Adult Day Care Event!


On Saturday, August 8, I attended an event at an Adult Day Care here in Miami Lakes. It was a great event and I got to meet so many amazing, warm-hearted seniors. So many people were at the event, other companies attended; there were raffles, food, snow cones, music, and entertainment. Events like this in the heart of Miami Lakes bring awareness to the care for seniors. It shows and proves to families that their elders can be well taken care of and it provides that confidence that they will have nothing to worry about.

This event also brought out different opportunities and activities that seniors can benefit from. People outside the day care also came and were amazed by how great the event was. Everyone was having a good time, especially the seniors. Most of them have heard of the store and have had families pick up things for them at our store. I made tons of goodie bags containing different samples of product we carry in the store for them to try. Product that I know they will benefit from and enjoy. We are definitely helping the community by exposing all the different things we offer.

The seniors were notified about our healthy products, foods, licensed nutritionist, free health seminars, and most importantly, their special Senior Day discount! Our mission is to not only help people, but educate them in the realm of health and nutrition and that is exactly what I feel we are accomplishing as an organization.

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