Nutrition Smartie – Pembroke Pines – Avril Miller

NUTRITION SMARTIE – Pembroke Pines  – Avril Miller


Nutrition Smart has become a wonderful addition to the Pembroke Pines community since it arrived in 1996, and I have been an eager, regular and dutiful customer since 1997,following my move to the area. I am rather health-conscious and Nutrition Smart has satisfied me very much, first with the tremendous and warm level of customer service that the staff affords its customers, and secondly, with the excellent line of products it provides.

Never have I visited the store and received any distant or cold service from the staff. I have never encountered anyone who works there who was indifferent to the public, or did not go out of his/her way to help customers find products and answer questions. If one places an order, that individual is contacted right away to inform you that your product delivery has arrived. The customer service of the Pembroke Pines store is top-level, to say the least.

If one is interested in health products, Nutrition Smart is the place to go. A Wide array of products are offered during various customer events; taste-tasting of new products are given; and the store offers varied coupons to loyal customers, all the while keeping the community of new products events and services.

I would like to mention a few staff that have made this Nutrition Smart store the best: Armando, Chris, Bob, Betsy, Johnny, Damien, Sue, Richard, Elsa, Lana, Alfanso among others who are so helpful and pleasant.

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